A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

chap hill toothdecayDid you know that even a small crack in your tooth could lead to an infection of your root canal? Bacteria can enter your tooth through the crack and infect the inner pulp. Infected tooth pulp begins to erode the structure of your tooth. When caught early, a simple root canal can save the natural tooth.

Dr. Christopher Banks and his dental care team want to offer our patients the most conservative dental treatments to maintain the most of their natural smile. Root Canals are a conservative restorative dental treatment for advanced tooth decay. The procedure begins by scraping out the inflamed and diseased pulp from the center of the infected tooth. Dr. Banks then fills the tooth with synthetic pulp made from a biocompatible material. For many patients Dr. Banks will recommend the use of a restorative dental crown for added long term structural support.

Dr. Banks offers comprehensive oral exams to determine what restorative and cosmetic dental procedures will meet your goals and oral health needs. For advanced tooth decay, root canals are ideal, but not right for all patients. In some severe cases tooth extraction may be necessary. It is important to visit our Chevy Chase dentist office as soon as you experience tooth pain or regular sensitivity. The early Dr. Banks diagnosis your tooth decay, the easier it will be to save the tooth.

The Pain Myth of Root Canals

Root canals are often perceived to be a painful dental procedure. What patients do not know, is that most of the pain associated with root canals, is actually caused by the root canal infection itself. The infected and inflamed pulp causes sensitivity and soreness. Many of Dr. Banks patients report immediate pain relief after their root canal procedure. Most root canal procedures are no more painful than a standard tooth filling.

Our Capital Cosmetic Dentistry dental care team understands that dental anxiety is a very real concern for many patients. Dr. Banks can address your fears and concerns during your consultation. Do not let fear of the dentist prevent you from seeking the dentistry care you need.

Avoid the development of more complex dental concerns by scheduling routine dentist office visits to Dr. Banks. Diagnosing oral health concerns such as tooth decay early can increase the chances of being able to preserve your natural tooth.


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