Root Canal Procedure Chevy Chase

For may, the root canal is an anxiety causing event. Root canal therapy, however is often the best way to preserve a natural tooth and prevent further damage to your smile. Dr. Christopher Banks will choose to save a natural tooth with root canal therapy whenever possible because it provides many benefits for long term dental health.

In most cases, the root canal procedure is done in our Chevy Chase dental office. For complicated cases, Dr. Banks may refer you to a local endodontist.

About the Root Canal Procedure

part2.09030507.05040607@adsnextwebsites.comThe root canal procedure involves removing the diseased tissue, called “pulp”, from inside of the tooth. The dentist will disinfect the tooth and fill it with a biocompatible material. The tooth is then sealed using a dental crown or filling to prevent future infection and provide long term stability.

A root canal is generally no more painful than having a filling placed. The pain caused by a root canal actually comes from the infection and pressure inside the tooth. Having a root canal procedure will relieve the pain and restore the tooth.

To strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy, Dr. Banks may recommend the use of a dental crown. Custom fit and color matched to your natural teeth, a dental crown fits around the tooth like a cap and will support the long term health of the tooth.


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