All About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has many benefits, but the most important benefit is the positive impact it can have on you and your outlook. Dr. Banks offers quality cosmetic dentistry from the comfort of the state-of-the-art spa setting of his office. Utilizing the most modern dental technology, Dr. Banks provides cosmetic dentistry at the forefront of diagnostics and treatment, bringing you a healthy, bright, and confident smile.

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Teeth whitening basics

Whitening your teeth is cost-effective, quick, and virtually pain-free. Teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental treatment. It is ideal for patients looking to take years off their smile in a short amount of time. Teeth whitening can make your smile appear more youthful and can brighten the aesthetics of your entire face.

A common side effect of any type of teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. Dr. Banks carefully supervises teeth whitening treatments to ensure minimal side effects. The products used are specially formulated to virtually eliminate sensitivity.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening can vary with each patient. Most patients can expect results to last up to a year or more. Touch-up treatment every four to six months can help extend the results of your treatment. Visiting regularly for cleanings and avoiding smoking and dark foods or beverages will also help to keep your teeth white and bright.

Your eating, drinking, and oral hygiene habits can impact how long your teeth whitening results last. Rinsing your mouth or brushing your teeth soon after eating or drinking can keep those kinds of discoloring agents from settling into the surface of your teeth and decrease the chance for plaque to build-up

Is teeth whitening bad for your teeth?

While teeth whitening is considered safe, you may experience some side effects from treatments, including:

  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Irritated gums

Benefits of teeth whitening

Dr. Banks can customize your whitening treatment for your specific oral health needs. Custom-fit trays will help to reduce the sensitivity associated with teeth whitening. Custom-fit trays can also make the procedure more comfortable and effective. 

It is always important to receive an oral health exam and cleaning before whitening your teeth. A dental consultation can determine that the teeth whitening procedure you choose is appropriate and will achieve the results you desire. Call or go online to schedule with Dr. Banks to learn more about what teeth whitening options offered at Capital Cosmetic Dentistry are right for you.


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