Discover Dental Crown Benefits

If your tooth is damaged or vulnerable to harm from external stimuli, your dentist may recommend restorative dental treatment with a dental crown. This fixture uses a ceramic cap that covers the tooth, shielding it from potential threats.

The treatment is useful in a variety of ways that you can appreciate for up to fifteen years with proper maintenance. Dr. Christopher Banks, a dentist in Chevy Chase, MD, outlines four benefits you will notice if you restore your smile with a dental crown.

dental crown procedure benefits in Chevy Chase Maryland

Replace Weakened Tooth Enamel

Over time, the outer surface of your tooth, called enamel, can thin or weaken for reasons such as poor oral hygiene, harsh teeth brushing, or aging. Once it is gone, it cannot regrow on its own.

A dental crown can cover this affected tooth and replace the tooth enamel so that the underlying dentin is not exposed. When stimulated, dentin sends pain signals to the brain in an unpleasant sensation called tooth sensitivity. This treatment alleviates sensitivity pain.

Repair Tooth Breakage

Teeth are durable, but impact trauma can cause chips, cracks, or fractures in your teeth. While minor breakage can be repaired with cosmetic dental solutions, severe cases may require a dental crown.

This type of damage detracts from your smile’s appearance. But it may also be painful and leave your teeth vulnerable to oral infections and other dental concerns. Therefore, you should treat these problems promptly.

Whiten Discolored Teeth

Tooth discoloration may occur due to substances you consume that stain your enamel or to elements outside of a patient’s control. A dental crown can effectively enhance the look of your smile as well as restore its function. The crown is created to match your ideal tooth color for a beautiful and natural appearance.

Protect Tooth After Surgery

Dental crowns are useful tools on their own, but they also pair well with other dental treatments. A crown can serve as a prosthetic tooth atop a dental implant. It may also be used to cover a tooth after root canal therapy to protect the tooth once the pulp is removed.

Dental Crown Procedures in Chevy Chase, MD

Capital Cosmetic Dentistry offers dental crown procedures and other restorative dental treatments to patients in Chevy Chase, MD. Dr. Banks also specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry, including professional teeth whitening. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 202.769.0324.


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