Experience the Invisalign Advantage

Feeling self-conscious about your crooked or overlapping teeth? Looking to improve your oral health by aligning your smile? Your dentist can help you get the smile of your dreams and straighten your teeth through cosmetic dental solutions.

Many patients worry that teeth straightening treatment will disrupt their lives, but Invisalign allows for subtlety and convenience as it enhances your smile. Dr. Christopher Banks, a dentist located in Chevy Chase, MD, lists three reasons why many dental patients appreciate teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign more than other orthodontic solutions.

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Why Patients Prefer Invisalign

Discreet Appearance

Many patients worry that the only way to straighten their teeth is through traditional orthodontics like metal braces. They may not look forward to the brackets and wires that cover their teeth with this treatment, which may interfere with the look of their smile, even as they work to enhance its appearance.  

Invisalign consists of clear-colored plastic aligners built custom-made to suit each individual dental patient’s mouth. They will not be visible over the patient’s teeth to a casual observer, which can make them feel less self-conscious about the way their smile looks during their treatment. The personalized fit also ensures that the appliance feels comfortable and will not slip out of place at an inopportune moment.

No Dietary Restrictions

Dental professionals instruct patients with braces to avoid certain foods so that they do not harm their oral appliances. Hard, chewy, and sticky foods can cause brackets to break, requiring repairs from an orthodontist.

Invisalign consists of removable aligners that can be taken out of the mouth when a patient eats or drinks. In fact, dentists recommend removing the appliances when consuming substances to keep Invisalign clean.

This feature has the additional benefit of allowing patients to take Invisalign out of their mouths while completing their oral hygiene routine. They can effectively and thoroughly brush and floss their teeth without disruption from wires or brackets.

Fewer Dentist Appointments

During Invisalign teeth straightening treatment, you will wear a set of plastic aligners for two weeks before switching to a new series of aligners. This process will continue for six to twelve months, gradually shifting teeth to create a straighter smile.

The treatment plan is established early in this process, so while you will likely visit your dentist a few times so that they can monitor your progress, you will not have to schedule regular appointments as you would with braces that need to be tightened. Your dentist can provide you with all of your Invisalign aligners at once, which will save you time and money as you spend fewer periods in the dentist’s chair.

Invisalign and More Cosmetic Dentistry in Chevy Chase, MD

Capital Cosmetic Dentistry offers Invisalign and other cosmetic dental treatments to patients in Chevy Chase, MD. Dr. Banks also specializes in general and restorative dentistry, including tooth replacement solutions. We can also provide Botox and dermal fillers to help you reach your smile and facial aesthetic goals. To schedule an appointment with our practice, contact our office by phone at 202.769.0324 or reach our staff online.


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