4 Ways to Brighten Your Teeth

Do your teeth appear dull, yellow, or stained? You will not be able to remove deep tooth discoloration with your typical oral hygiene routine. If you want to whiten your smile, schedule a cosmetic consultation with your dentist to find the ideal procedure to help you reach your smile aesthetic goals.

Dentists will consider your dental structure and medical history to create a customized cosmetic treatment plan. Read on to discover how four different types of dental treatments could help you achieve your ideal tooth color.

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In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment

To get rid of stubborn stains on your smile, your dentist may recommend that you schedule an appointment to get professional teeth whitening treatment completed in their office. Within a single session that will last less than an hour, you can get a brighter smile.

The dentist will apply a specialized whitening gel to your teeth. They pay attention to problematic areas and keep the material away from sensitive areas like your gum line. Then your dentist will use concentrated light to activate the bleaching agents that will allow your teeth to reach your ideal tooth color.

You will see enhancement in your smile’s appearance within a few days after this treatment. These results can last for a year with proper care and maintenance. If needed, you can schedule touch-up appointments with your dentist to boost the look of your smile.

Take-Home Whitening Trays

For your convenience, your dentist can offer take-home kits to whiten your smile from the comfort of your residence. They will create personalized trays that fit both comfortably and securely to your unique smile.

You will fill these trays with a whitening gel and wear them as directed by your dentist to see the gradual brightening of your tooth color. This individualized attention to your aesthetic goals ensures that you get your desired results.

They will perform better than a whitening kit that you can buy from your local shop because that tool does not cater to your specific dental needs. Find more precise cosmetic dental care when you call your dentist.

Porcelain Veneers

For a long-lasting whitening treatment that can also reshape and straighten your smile, ask your dentist about porcelain veneers. With this procedure, your dentist will use custom-made shells that adhere to the front of your teeth to construct a brighter smile.

Dentists consider the size, shape, and color of your natural smile so that you can get beautiful results that suit your unique mouth. The veneers seal into place with dental bonding. If you take care of these fixtures, they can last for fifteen or more years.

Dental Crowns

Though you may know them as restorative dental tools, dental crowns can also make a discolored tooth appear brighter. Like veneers, dentists will build a crown according to a patient’s unique smile and aesthetic goals.

The ceramic cap fits over a tooth, protecting its health and restoring its oral function. But it will also make the tooth look whiter and more regular. Talk to your dentist to learn if a dental crown is the right fixture to help you accomplish your cosmetic dentistry goals.


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