Why Botox from the Dentist?

Botox is a common medical and cosmetic treatment. From chronic headaches to fine lines, Botox can work in many ways. While you can go to any qualified professional, e.g., a nurse practitioner, you can also go to a dentist for a Botox treatment. Dentists are highly qualified professionals who have a thorough understanding of the face. If you desire to reduce deep-set or fine lines, consider talking to your dentist. 

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What Is Botox?

First, it is important to understand what Botox is before your first treatment.

Botox is the name for a treatment that comes from botulinum toxin. There are fears of Botox that generally come from misunderstanding what Botox is. You may think of it as freezing your face or food poisoning “botulism.” However, genuine Botox treatments are not harmful. 

First, Botox does not “freeze” your face. It blocks the nerve activity in the specified muscle groups. This helps minimize the movement that causes wrinkles. Although a medical professional will inject Botox into your muscles, it doesn’t actually affect the muscle. You still have physical sensations in the area. However, Botox blocks the nerve connection to the muscle. This keeps the muscle from contracting, meaning it won’t move. Therefore, you cannot develop wrinkles. If you use Botox for a medical procedure, such as chronic migraines, Botox will paralyze the muscles that spasm or tense to cause headaches. 

Second, botulism is only an issue if you consume contaminated foods or water. Therefore, you have nothing to fear when it comes to a medical or cosmetic Botox injection, especially if you go to a reputable professional. 

Why Choose A Dentist?

When you think of Botox, you may think of a dermatologist. While this is a service a skin doctor can provide, you should consider talking to your dentist. Many people think that dentists are only equipped to treat teeth or gums. However, dentists must be well-versed in the intricacies of the entire face. They spend years in school and in the office learning about oral and facial anatomy. 

Even when they perform dental procedures, they must know how the procedure can affect the face. For example, if a dentist performs a tooth extraction or root canal, they have to know all of the muscles and nerves in the face. Otherwise, a patient may experience unwanted side effects. 

Dentists are well-versed in cosmetic procedures, such as dental veneers. They know how to improve your oral features to impact your face. If you want to change your smile, your dentist can provide a list of procedures. Dentists can envision the look you want and do it safely and effectively. 

Dentists spend their entire careers working with people’s faces. Day in and day out, they handle intricate nerves and facial muscles. They are more than able to provide effective Botox treatments. 


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