Beating Dental Fear

Dental fear can have negative effects on your dental health. Visiting the dentist regularly helps prevent the development of complex dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and missing teeth. It is important for your dentist to understand the extent of your dental fear so that they can create a space where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Washington, DC dentist Dr. Christopher Banks is an experienced professional who listens to your needs and develops a plan that is made for you.Don’t let your dental fear get in the way of your oral health. At Capital Cosmetic Dentistry of Chevy Chase, we will work with you to give you the care you need in a relaxing space. If you are looking for a dentist that you can feel conferable with, come visit general dentist Dr. Banks at Capital Cosmetic Dentistry of Chevy Chase. You can schedule an appointment online or call 202.769.0324

Why is Preventive Care Important

General dentist Dr. Banks believes preventive dental care allows a dentist to properly educate his patients on their oral health, as well as examine their teeth and gums. During your preventive care visit, patients will receive professional teeth cleaning that remove bacteria and plaque that normal and flossing can not reach. Visiting Dr. Banks every six months will help keep your teeth healthy and avoid any complex dental treatments in the future. For patients with dental fear, it is important to visit Dr. Banks regularly in order to have your teeth examined to prevent the need for complex dental treatments in the future.

During your routine preventive care visit, Dr. Banks will perform the following test and exams:

Examination of teeth, screening for tooth decay and fractures
Charting of teeth and existing restorations
Periodontal screening for signs of gum disease
Oral cancer screening
Digital dental x-rays as needed
Digital bite analysis
Examination of TMJ and jaw position
2-D and 3-D models for analysis and treatment planning

Tips to Help Overcome Your Dental Fear

What is important to you is important us at Captial Cosmetic Dentistry of Chevy Chase.Dr. Banks works with each of his patients to ensure that they feel comfortable and relaxed in their dental office. We have compiled a few tips to help you feel more relaxed in our Chevy Chase dental office.

Tip #1: Try listening to an audiobook. Listening to something you’re interested in helps take your mind off your dental fear or anxiety.
Tip #2: Open up! Tell Dr. Banks and our caring staff about your dental fear. Once we listen to your concerns, we can better cater to your dental needs. We understand your dental fear and aim to get you the treatment you need in a comfortable environment.
Tip #3: Ask about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is a great way to relax you during complex dental treatments. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Banks will determine what type of sedation is right for you.


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